Printing: Bits and Pieces

As part of Printing II, we only had two assignments for the year. The first was the miniature book I will post about soon, and the second was a chapbook. Traditionally, chapbooks were a pocket size pamphlet that could include poetry, nursery rhymes, folktales, almanacs, etc.  Today, chapbooks are publications, usually of poetry, that are up to 40 pages in length and can be low budget or high end limited editions. So, we essentially needed to produce a short book (no more than 12 pages, although some people bent to rules). (And please excuse the bad photographs. We have terrible natural lighting, and my camera was acting funny).
Here are my classmates work that they produced. One of them is missing because he has a printing company with a partner and was not able to exchange books with everyone. I loved the variety of themes, bindings and overall differences between everyone’s work. In clockwise order from the top left are: Mo Fiorella’s Secrecy of Red-Skinned Fruit, with poems by A.G. Moore, and flatback case binding, and beautiful red and pink dip-dyed endsheets; Kate Kotan’s Whale Fall about the life cycle of a whale after it dies in a drumleaf binding and wonderful illustrations; Laura Rowley’s traverse, a great little accordion binding about the different definitions to the word “traverse”; and Ashley Gorham’s To Have in a Hold, a beautiful personal story in poetry about her relationship with her husband in a double pamphlet binding. I loved all of these books, and I really makes me want to push myself more to create more interesting and beautiful works.

I choose to explore how traditions, interests, and personalities are transmitted through generations. This exploration is presented through illustrations representing the five generations of women that were alive when I was born. I found the imagery of genealogy charts interesting and used that as my framework on each page. The dates of each woman is the year that they were married, and there are themes that carry through each generation.
Title page
The images and framework is letterpress printed using a vandercook press, and I then watercolor-ed all of the color. It is a drumleaf binding, and it has paste paper covers. There are two different types of cloth used for the spine, and 10 different designs of paste paper.
I really wanted to push myself conceptually with the project, and feel that it is much more artsy or abstract than I traditionally am. I had the hardest time with my relatives that I did not know as well personally, or only knew based on their later years. I think overall it went well and I learned a lot about my tendencies, habits, and direction that I am probably heading in printing. I do feel that I am not reaching my potential, and need to continue to stretch myself. I loved thinking about all of the stories and memories related to each of ,these objects, and how much of our personalities, interests, and overall life view is influenced by the past.
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