Engineered Books: Pop-ups by Robert Sabuda

I absolutely love engineered books. This format of books has movable parts, including tabs, pop-ups, flaps, and anything else that can move. One of the masters of this format is Robert Sabuda. He has written and illustrated some of his own stories, as well as creating beautiful pop-up versions of classic literature. One that I have long enjoyed in my personal collection is The Chronicles of Narnia. Each page is dedicated to one of C.S. Lewis’s books in the series, and has a large pop-up representation of that book. Many of the page also have smaller flaps with additional pop-ups underneath. They are each wonderful, colorful, large, and fun. 


While browsing ABC books for my daughters at the library, I came across another Robert Sabuda book. It is ABC Disney, and a fun and colorful book for kids and adults. In addition to the paper engineering, Sabusa also did all of the painting of the images. Both the flaps and the characters have paint quality that is reminiscent of paste paper, a traditional bookbinding decorative paper technique, which made my love the book even more. Some of the characters are a little more obscure, but it is another wonderful example of Sabuda’s mastery of paper engineering, and his ability to disseminate it to the general public.





You can learn more about Robert Sabuda on his website, and purchase many of his books through Amazon. I hope you enjoyed these amazing works of art.

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