Equipment for Sale

Items are for sale come from a large estate of bookbinding items and my own personal stash. They are located in Spanish Fork and must be picked up unless other arrangements are made. Items are sold in as-is condition. I have not tested most of them, so I do not have more information on functionality. All sizes given are approximate.

Items will be added as I continue to sort and de-stash.

Contact Thomasina at or call 385-312-5392 with any questions. Thanks!


Item 1: Cast Iron Bookpress

Press size 10″x15″



Item 2: Wood Bookpress

Size: 9″x17″





Item 3: Galley Trays

$5 each or 15 for 4




Item 4: Press Boards

All have brass edges





Item 5: Box of adhesive cloth and Binder Tape

$3 or free with $15 purchase




Item 6: Franklin Signet Embosser

I plugged it in and it does heat up







Item 7: Sewing Frame

$40 Sold Pending Pick-up




Item 8: Gold Press Embosser

I plugged it in and it heats up








Item 9: Paper cutter





Item 10: Paper cutter





Item 11: Paper cutter

$15 Sold Pending Pick-up



Item 12: Paper cutter




Item 13: Paper cutter

Will cut binders board





Item 14: Paper slicer





Item 15: Paper cutter




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